monopoly stocks in india

monopoly stocks in india
Standardly government of any Country do not want that a single company or entity have complete control over the production because if monopoly stocks in India will rise  to a certain consequence like higher prices, reduced quality, limited consumer choice , So there is no monopoly of any business which are running in this world but have market share more than 80% and also have created strong will and they have connections with government and so that they will get exponential growth in their business and easily gets the projects  by bidding  a less  so. here is the factor considered for term monopoly stocks india 

monopoly stocks in india

Factor to be considered as monopoly stocks

Economically scalable company produce goods or services at lower cost than its competitors

Entry barriers Those business who have entries barriers in there business means that they protect their business or make their business by protecting themselves from significant entry barriers so that no other company will not make business in that particular segment

Patents or copyright means those companies registered for patients and only a particular company registered for the patient can only use the patient no other will be allowed

company have sources and established his huge network

One of the factor is that company is generating profit with high operating profit margin if a company is operating profit margin is 40 % then it means  if  a company is selling a product which cost 100 rupees  then it means the net profit after paying all the taxes and expenses the net revenue is 40 rs

Government backing
Have support of government

Company is generating recurring revenue and is being the consumer first choice for example if we talk about apple

everyone wants to buy that product apple iphone is the first choice of consumer from 100  ninty percent of the people want apple devices

So here are some monopoly stocks in India who almost created its monopoly have market share more than 80% up to 92%

 Central depository services limited –

Central Depository Services India ltd
The company facilitates holding and transacting in securities in the electronic form and facilitates settlement of trades executed on stock exchanges
Business Segments
Data Entry and storage

Market position
Cdsl is the largest security depository in terms of number of accounts with the highest share incremental growth of demat accounts

MARKET CAP ₹9,928 Cr
Current price ₹950
Return on capital employed 41.4%
Earning per share₹27.8
Operating profit margin 60.1%
Company is debt free

 Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited

Multi commodity exchange of India ltd
this company have 92 % market share it facilitates online trading of various commodities such metals ,energy and it also futures trading and also considered the world largest commodity future exchange

Market cap ₹7590 cr

Current price ₹1488
Earning per share ₹35.3
Operating profit margin 40.7%
company is almost debt free


Coal India

This company is only largest coal producing company in the world and one of the largest corporate employers

Market cap ₹136,597 Cr
Current price ₹222
Roce 54.3%
Opm 29.2%
Divided yield 9.14 %

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation

Indian railway catering and tourisim Corporation this company is engaged in managing the online ticket booking system , catering services and tourism packages in India and is the only company with exclusive rights , Government backing ,wide reach with user friendly interface

Market price  ₹48,932 cr
Current market price ₹612
Roce 51.3%
Opm 37.6%
Divided yield 0.57%



Pidilite industries limited is a leading manufacturer of adhesive and sealants ,construction chemicals , craftsmen products diy products and polymer emulsions in India .One of his brand named fevicol created word of mouth with strong will and captures almost 75% of Indian market
Current price ₹78.4
Market cap ₹2,348 cr
Return on capital employed 50.5%
operating profit margin 19.9%
Earning per share  ₹-3.57


India Tobacco Company Limited


It is the largest cigarette manufacturer and seller in the country and also handle five buildings segments currently Fast moving consumer goods cigarettes ,Fast moving consumer goods others etc.
and Itc is the 4th largest manufacturer for illegal cigarettes 🚬

Current market price ₹376
Market cap ₹466,448Cr
Operating profit margin 35.3%
Return on capital employed  33.6%
Divided yield 3.06%


Bharat heavy electrical

Bharat heavy electrical is engaged in designing engineering ,manufacturing ,erection ,testing .This is the top producer of power in India

Current market price ₹76.3
Market cap ₹26568 Cr
Return on capital employed 2.93%
Divided yield 0.52%
Operating profit margin 3.80%


Hindustan aeronautics

Hindustan aeronautics India limited involves in the business of manufacturing of aircraft and helicopters and repairs, Maintenance of aircraft In hindustan aeronautics order book stands at 85000Cr and orders in the advanced stage of finalization of ₹45000Cr

Current market price ₹2799
Market cap ₹93593
Return on capital employed 30.5%
Operating profit margin 22.8%
promoter holding 75.2%



Nestle India is company which operates under the food segment and nestle is multi national corporation which creates its monopoly in India and it is leading fast moving consumer goods company and it is Switzerland based company

Current market price ₹21,746

Current market cap2,09,664 Cr

Return on capital employed ₹ 138%

Operating profit margin ₹ 22%

Promoter holding ₹ 62.8%


Marico is one of the leading consumer goods company operating in beauty and wellness and it creates monopoly in its sector It is presents over 25 countries across the world

Current market price ₹500

current market cap ₹ 64,635Cr

Return on capital employed ₹ 43%

Operating profit margin ₹ 18.2%

Promoter holding ₹ 59.4%

Pidilite Industries

Pidilite Industries Ltd  is a leading manufacturer of adhesives and sealants, construction chemicals, craftsmen products, DIY products and polymer emulsions in India. Most of the products have been developed through strong in-house R&D. Our brand name Fevicol has become synonymous with adhesives to millions in India and is ranked amongst the most trusted brands in the country. Some of our other major brands are M-Seal, Dr. Fixit, Fevicryl, Motomax, Hobby Ideas, Araldite.



You can also check the full fundamentals of these companies discussed above such as profit and loss statement , cash flow cash, conversion cycle and other financial ratios by click on the link



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