Education vs institutions

Education vs institutions Education is important not going to the institutions most people will may deny this statement but this is the reality here is why the blog written on topic Education vs institutions

1800s – 2000 Resources and availability

So you guys all know about the history to the present . In 1800s to the 2000 there is not a highly develop technology like we are experiencing today

In 1800s to the 2000 If you want something then you have to go miles for getting the thing you wan but in this new era of world life is so comfortable everything you can get through your mobile phone

In today’s world everyone is looking to take admission institutions so that they gets placed from there in big Multi national corporation just to achieve success . everybody is trapped by the institutions and by individuals

Most of the parents spend lakhs on their children’s educations and ruining their life remember the thing Education vs institutions are institutions worth

Before you enrolled your son or daughter in universities and big colleges or schools and spend lakhs on them have you asked the question to yourself why are you admitting you child here what is the purpose of taking the admission here

Let me tell you why you go for the institutions and for big colleges so that your child will get the knowledge of that specific course and then will do a job and gets a good salary or make their life easy but here if compare Education vs institutions you even do not know how you are giving more preference to institutions not to education


Education vs institutions

Are the big institutions or colleges worth ?

Big colleges or institutions will not providing you the knowledge they are just making them self rich by trapping you it doesn’t matter for them that child will actually getting the knowledge or he is just passing the exams and just by becoming a bookworm and it is  obvious thing that if you don’t have knowledge then no company will give provide you employment

So the thing is if you want to achieve success then achieve knowledge of a practical segment in which you are interested doesn’t matter whether you are in a big colleges or institute

This is the only way to become a successful person in real life you never be able to get or achieve success just by take admissions or by becoming a bookworm

Suppose if you are interested in software engineering then learn coding from the beginning don’t focus on your grades or in taking admissions even don’t take admissions just learn app development through your mobile phone or by pc for some years.

No need to give any exam or to prove someone that you can do it just take your mobile phone learn everything thing through internet everything is available

Just thinking about mark zuckerberg he love to 👨‍💻 code and dropout his college and focus on one thing and the output is that he created the facebook .

So the conclusion is that if a boy wants to become a engineer or if you are parents and you want that your child will become and engineer in future then don’t worry about his school admission and college admissions just taught him coding from the beginning and if a child is coding from the start of his life and do it for 18 years then he will create something more bigger the. facebook


Colleges and universities are killing the creativity

So everyone of have visited colleges and school in your life and also listen that colleges will provide you opportunity to get placed or to show your talents but the reality is student 90 percent in colleges come to chill their life and to stay away from responsibility even now in good colleges they           applied the criteria of 75 % attendance if your attendance is less than 75% then will get detain and will not able to give your examinations in that semester colleges are applying this attendance criteria because students come to college daily but nit join the classes they will here and there in restaurants but not attend the classes on the other hand if you look at the colleges and schools your level of treatment with respect to teachers is how you perform in  test even in almost all big colleges you are allowed to sit in placements if you have score cgpa more than 7 then you are allowed to sit in placements .like if you want to develop something and to learn something in your college life then there is the only way by not performing well in your test  but there some colleges who give zero percent attendance criteria  to give their students relief from the problem of going colleges regularly So that they can develop new products and learn something creative and can open startup and focus on real things


Conclusion of the blog Education vs institutions

Ultimately, whether or not colleges are killing creativity depends on a variety of factors, including the individual student’s mindset, the teaching style of the professor, and the structure of the program. While some may find that college stifles their creativity, others may find that it provides them with the resources and support they need to develop and pursue their creative interests.

At last the thing this do not worry about taking admission and in colleges just do what yo are passionate about and learn it from internet and by reading books yourself no need to take admission in big universities or colleges these all are the products of business because they know ever parents will never sacrifice there child education even he have to take debt for it but bring his admission in colleges which famous through advertisements. At last no need to attract You are living 2000 which is full of resources everything is available on internet achieve knowledge and you will become successful though perhaps you will suffer a lot even by spending a lot in education

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