Earn 12% return easily

 let’s learn how to Earn 12% return easily

Earn 12% return easily

  Earn 12% return easily  , how it is possible to earn 12% return easily without taking any risk or by not taking any stress just grow your money everyday and whenever you want to withdraw in just one day you will get your growing money in your pockets



safely without putting lots of efforts or without spending so much time on investment that will give returns of 12% ..

Earn 12% return easily

How to Generate –

According to me most of the people reading this blog is a busy scheduled person , So for those busy type of people it is difficult for them to manage their money or savings and also  doing their jobs and have so many responsibilities , So for such type of people there is a method through which they can Earn 12% return easily without doing  any headache type of things .

12% Club

12% club is an application which is being created by the BharatPe.

Bhara tpe is basically a company which will provide loans to the which will provide loans to the small businessman and the small borrowers and the best thing is that it can not retake its money back from their lenders at the end of the month they retake their money everyday in small amounts so that all the borrowers comfortably repay their loans without so many difficulties and return them in penny . This thing makes this company different from others the rate of  money recovery from borrowers is 90 % generally companies have 70 % rate of recovery . This is major reason behind the success of baharat pe  and this comapany have valuation of 3billion dollars in 3 years .



Earn 12% return easily


.. In this application you can add amount  up to 10 lakhs where this application will give you 12 percent return on daily , monthly or yearly basis depends on the person using the application .Basically this is a bank who deposits your money up to 10 lakhs and gives you return of 12 percent constantly and you can withdraw or deposit your one just in one click so to Earn 12 % return easily you are just one step away !!

How it make its business

As you all know Bharat pe is a bank based company whose founder is ASHNEER GROVER one of the most famous personality among us .As we know that bharat pe provide loans to the merchant on heavy interest so bharat pe will get funds from people who will put their money  in 12 percent to generate returns on there money on the other hand bhart pe will provide loans from that funds on interest more than 12 percent here how bharat pe makes profit and the accuracy of recovering their loans from merchants is more than 90 percent .overall if we look at the 12percent club it works same as banks but this will give 12 percent returns where banks gives maximum up to 5 percent no more than that .so it is good to make the use of 12%percent club and Generate 12% returns easily !!

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Refer and Earn program

In 12% percent club from where you are going to generate 12% return easily, There is also a referal programs through which you can also start earning by the referals you make , if your referals use 12% club then you will also get commission which you can make a side source of income ..



  1. Click on the link given  https://twelveclub.onelink.me/2Cmd/amunubs8
  2. Register using the link
  3. Now add money
  4. After adding money their NBFC partners will take time up to 4 days to generate returns after that this will add returns on you total amount  on daily basis
  5. Now after 3-4 days you will two sections withdraw money or add money above that section you will see your added amount which growing on daily basis
  6. Whenever you want to withdraw your money you can withdraw it easily just by clicking on withdraw then it will show you the confirmation message  after that in 2 to 3 days money will be credited in your account
  7. And by doing the same process you Re deposit your money


If you are a trader or investor then how to use it

So as you all know that 12% club is an amazing app provides you favorable result but when is the right time use t 12 percent club if you are a trader or a investor then you should be very known to all that in an investor is able to generate 20% returns on average yearly no more than that and if a person is generating  up to 20 returns then it means he is a good trader or investor even an excellent trader very few people will able to it and here it gives you 12 % returns simply which is going to grow 100% .So if you a TRADER  or INVESTOR then the right time for you to invest your money here is when the market is overvalued or the price to earning ratio is more than 30% then you should put all your money here because at that time morket is overvalued and have a high probability that market is going to crash so this is the best time earn from 12% and whenever price to earning ratio crashes to less than 15% then withdraw all your money in market through this way you see the exponential growth in your capital or else if you want to diversify your portfolio for consistent returns then  you can use it in this way as investor or trader or if you have better way of using this then use it

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Advantages of using 12% club

1 . 12% provide better returns than a savings account

2. It gives return on daily basis

3. Easy  withdraw and deposit in one click

4. Also earn through refer and earn

5. Safe  and trusted


Disadvantages of 12%

1. After deposit it will generate returns after four days of deposit

2. Maximum limit in an account is 1000000 rs



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